Top 10 Emergency Medicine Mobile Apps

Top 10 Emergency Medicine Mobile Apps

01 WikEM

The Global Emergency Medicine Wiki (Wikipedia: WkEM) is the free online resource for emergency medicine that has the greatest amount of traffic and use. Within its emergency medicine knowledge repository, it has compiled thousands of concise, problem-oriented notes pertaining to various medical emergencies. You may be certain that you will always have the most recent information at your disposal thanks to the consistent updates provided by

It is possible for medical professionals working in a variety of specialties to gain something from it, but those working in emergency medicine, pediatric emergency medicine, critical care, emergency medical services (EMS), and urgent care medicine are particularly well-suited to make use of it.

WikEM is downloadable on mobile devices running iOS and Android.


Absolutely no financial outlay is necessary.

02 palmEM: Emergency Medicine

palmEM is a comprehensive resource that offers a concise and condensed overview of evidence-based emergency medicine. It will also be useful for clinicians who specialize in internal medicine, critical care, family practice, and urgent care, among other areas. referred to it as an “excellent, rapid point-of-care reference well adapted for the time strain of the emergency room.” said that it was “well tailored for the time pressure of the emergency room.” The Apple Store claims that it is the most downloaded healthcare application in a total of 75 nations across the world.

The mobile application is always being improved and updated with new features. In contrast to a number of other sources, the updates are made available without charge, and there are no fees associated with maintaining an annual membership.

Downloadable palmEM is available for usage on iOS-based smartphones.



03 Emergency Medicine Flashcards

You may not have used flashcards since you were in elementary school, but you will find that The Atlas of ER Flashcards is an extremely helpful software to have. It is designed to be a portable learning tool that will assist you in becoming more skilled at visually diagnosing medical conditions.

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It comes with 264 flashcards that are visually appealing and printed in full color, and they cover the most common and acute clinical presentations that occur in the area of emergency care. Every single flashcard includes information on the diagnosis, clinical findings, and treatment options for the ailment.

You will have the option to test your knowledge via the use of a question and answer section, and a search tool will provide you with alternative phrases that are present in the text as you type them in. In addition, it remembers the search terms you’ve used in the past, which makes it easier for you to return to a topic in a hurry and get the information you need.

It is possible to see the program in its full even without an active internet connection, and it can be adapted to work with any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets.

The application is available for download and usage on both Android and iOS.



04 mySCP Application Suite

The mySCP application suite provides a risk-free, HIPAA-compliant, and comprehensive answer to problems that arise during clinical procedures. It gives medical professionals the capacity to do the tasks listed below:

  • You are able to get a summary of both their schedule and their patient list;
  • Receive updates and notifications in the event that the schedule is altered;
  • Secure transmission and reception of text messages are possible.
  • It is necessary to submit documents relating to the onboarding process, credentials, and licenses.
  • Maintain accurate documentation processes.
  • Both the Android and iOS versions of mySCP are available for download and usage.


Free of charge, but only available to licensed medical practitioners that solely work with SCP Health.

05 Eye Handbook

This diagnosis and treatment information is included in the Eye Handbook, which is a reference program designed specifically for eye care professionals. “ophthalmology for your smartphone” is the tagline for this product. It is the most comprehensive program that is now available on a smartphone that is dedicated to eye care, and it comes highly recommended for use in emergency rooms by medical specialists.

The app makes it easier to communicate with eye care professionals located anywhere in the world, including ophthalmologists and other experts. Due to the fact that the platform has a forum component, you will be able to post images and questions relating to a wide variety of subjects. In addition, videos and lectures may be easily downloaded into your smartphone.

The Eye Handbook app may now be downloaded for use on both Android and iOS devices.


The price of free is zero.

06 MediMath Medical Calculator

With MediMath, you can access 144 of the most significant medical calculators and scoring tools on your iOS device of choice, whether it is an iPad or an iPhone. You will be able to “spend less time crunching data and more time caring for patients” as a consequence of the quick and natural interface as well as the complete findings, as stated by the creator.


  • 144 calculators and other gadgets used for scoring;
  • You may easily locate the information you want by using the Categories, Search, Favorites, and Recents features;
  • Double-tap to add anything to your list of favorites;
  • Extra data, such as equations, tips, and sources of knowledge;
  • Multimedia: for instance, the NIH Stroke Score already has the required visuals integrated within it;
  • Always resumes play from the point at where it was last left.


Cost: 99 cents

07 Pedi-STAT

Pedi-STAT is a quick reference guide for registered nurses, paramedics, physicians, and other medical personnel who provide care for pediatric patients in an emergency or critical care setting.


  • The ability to achieve rapid outcomes for procedures involving the airway, such as endotracheal tube diameters and depths, intubation drug doses, ventilator settings, and sedation;
  • information regarding cardiopulmonary resuscitation, including dosages based on patient weight for drugs used in resuscitation, cardioversion, and defibrillation;
  • Access to pediatric equipment that is sized appropriately for the patient based on factors such as age and weight, including chest and NG tubes, peripheral and central line diameters, and more;
  • Seizure medication doses;
  • Normative references for important indicators, categorized according to age
  • A significant amount of additional functionality.

You have access to essential information, and it can be retrieved in a manner that is both timely and accurate. With just a few taps of your finger, you may have access to all of the data necessary to provide treatment for a pediatric patient in an emergency setting. This information is typically stored electronically. This information includes pharmaceutical doses based on weight and age, as well as the dimensions of various pieces of equipment.

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When treating a patient, the likelihood of the provider making a mistake is decreased thanks to the implementation of this program, which was designed by an emergency physician. As a consequence of this, the provider is able to devote a greater portion of their attention to the patient rather than spending as much time looking up information or calculating dosages.

The Pedi-STAT app is now available for download on both Android and iOS devices.


Pricing is as follows: $4.99 on iOS and $5.49 on Android (Android)

08 Heart Pathway

Heart Pathway is a clinical decision tool that might be used on patients who present themselves to the emergency department complaining of chest pain. Researchers at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine have shown its usefulness, and the university and the emergency departments of the hospitals with which it is connected employ it on a regular basis.

It has been established that the Heart Pathway algorithm may cut the average duration of stay for patients in the hospital by 12 hours, lower expenses by 14 percent per patient, and have a MACE rate of less than 1 percent.

With the use of the Heart Pathway, clinicians are able to respond to the questions and concerns listed below:

Should I admit my patient to the hospital for stress testing, or may I send my patient home once they’ve been treated here? I’m concerned about their condition.

How probable is it that my patient is experiencing symptoms of acute coronary syndrome (ACS), the most severe form of coronary syndrome?

What is the likelihood that my patient may go through an episode associated with ACS in the near future (during the next 30 days)?

At present moment, Heart Pathway may be downloaded on a device that runs the iOS operating system only.


The price of free is zero.

09 Minute Emergency Medicine Consult

Your smartphone or tablet may now be equipped with Rosen & Barkin’s 5-Minute Emergency Care Consult, an app developed by Unbound Medicine, Inc. that provides information that is both useful and easy to read about more than 600 medical disorders that are often seen in emergency medicine. You may search for answers or browse through subjects that are condensed and structured to help save you time.

This mobile resource is appropriate for verifying correct diagnoses and commencing treatment in the fast-paced setting that is observed in urgent and emergent care since it was written by practicing doctors and revised by clinicians still in active practice. Each item is presented in a tried-and-true structure that enables speedy access, which enables you to conduct a search for medical disorders, verify a diagnosis, and start treatment in a short amount of time.


  • Information that is completely up to date on more than 600 different subjects related to emergency medicine.
  • Diagnoses from the pre-hospital stage all the way to the disposal stage.
  • The ingestion of toxic amounts of bath salts, polyneuropathy, and leukocytosis are among the new subjects.
  • Advice in the form of “Pearls” and “Pitfalls” to steer clear of the most prevalent mistakes.
  • Each item includes a listing of codes for ICD-9, ICD-10, and SNOMED.
  • Universal Index Search is a search that looks for phrases in all of the indexes.
  • “Favorites” is a bookmarking system for items of significant importance.
  • Both Android and iOS users may download and use the app.


Cost: $99.99

10 Emergency Central

Emergency Central, another product offered by Unbound Medical, Inc., provides emergency medicine practitioners with comprehensive mobile and web-based solutions. The information pertaining to the disease, its diagnosis, and its step-by-step therapy are combined so that you may get rapid answers.

You are able to select probable diagnoses based on the symptoms that are being presented, study the specifics of certain disorders, establish the best order in which diagnostic tests should be performed, and connect to the medication guide in order to get dosage information. In addition to that, it will automatically update itself whenever you sync your mobile device.

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The following is included in Emergency Central:

Consultation on Emergency Medicine in 5 Minutes;

Dinosaurs DDx, published by McGraw-Hill Medical;

Davis’s Drug Guide;

A Convenient Reference for Diagnostic Procedures;



  • Information that is narrowly focused on the presentations of patients, treatment options, indications, and follow-up;
  • Differential diagnosis based on one thousand different symptoms;
  • 5,000 commercial and generic medications;
  • Cross-Links to provide quick navigating between different resources;
  • Favorites that are uniquely yours;
  • Journal tables of contents distributed on the day of publication;
  • An instantaneous search of the scholarly literature using MEDLINE Journals;
  • Free access to the latest updates and the web for a whole year.
  • Both Android and iOS versions of Emergency Central are at your disposal.


Cost: $159.99

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