Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod APK

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod APK

1App NameExtreme Car Driving Simulator v6.44.0
4Latest Version6.44.0
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7Package Namecom.aim.racing
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Racing Game APK 6.45.0 – Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod APK (Free Shopping).

Ever wanted to try a sports car simulator? Then try Extreme Car Driving Simulator, the best car simulator of 2014. Feel a racing sports car for free when you drive, drift, and relive the thrill of racing! Feel the rush of a racer as you race across the city. No need to brake for traffic or to race other rivals, so you can run full speed and perform illegal stunts without worrying about police catching you.

It was fun to drift fast and do burnouts! Drive fast and burn through open-world cities! Want to explore some extreme driving fun with your driving skills? Drive like a pro without being bothered by speed limits or red lights in Extreme Car Driving Simulator mod APK now.

How To Start Extreme Car Driving

It is a racing game set in the big city and is called Extreme Car Driving Simulator (ECDS).

There is great physics in the game, and the cars are destroyed in spectacular fashion. Driving a sports car in the big city is the best way to avoid accidents. Follow the rules and don’t get into any accidents. You will face a few simple challenges in the game – accelerating, braking, and running uphill or downhill. But as long as you are good at it, you can flourish in the game.

Driving sports cars is the objective of the game. Vehicles are badly damaged and damaged vehicles have excellent physics. Put the wheel to the ground in your sports car and drive to the big city. Don’t get in an accident and follow the rules.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Features:

  • Checkpoints for Minigame.
  • Driving with traffic is now NEW!!
  • A full-featured HUD that shows revs, gears, and speed.
  • ESP, ABS, and TC simulations. Turn them off if you want!
  • Open-world exploration in a detailed setting.
  • An accurate car crash simulation.
  • You crashed your car!
  • Physics with accuracy.
  • Use arrows, a steering wheel, or an accelerometer to control your car
  • There are several cameras available.
  • We’re glad you downloaded our latest update.

Images, Sounds, and Graphics

Game description: Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a 3D car racing game that you can play anywhere you want, as you have access to a wide range of vehicles. Without a doubt, you will have a blast playing this game.

A smooth and realistic driving experience is provided by the game’s graphics. Due to its excellent audio and effects, the game should also have nice audio effects.

Controlling your car in this awesome and cool racing simulator is also very easy thanks to the excellent controls.

Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD For Android

A free android game that allows you to drive a car with unlimited money and unlocks all features

It is one of the best car driving simulator games available online. Using the modded version of the game from gamekillermods.com, you can drive your car around the city and compete with others. All cars are unlocked for free if you download the modded version of the game. There is a normal version of Extreme Car Driving Simulator available on the Google Play Store that is free of cost, but you do not get unlimited money with it. If you do not wish to download the Extreme Car Driving Simulator mod, then you can download the normal version for free.


Driving sports cars is easy with Extreme Car Driving Simulator. A great deal of effort has been put into making the game’s physics and the quality of damage and destruction to the cars. Embrace the thrill of racing through the big city as you drive your racing sports car, following the rules, and avoiding accidents like the plague.

Cars are destroyed and damaged with excellent physics in the game. Try not to get into an accident while driving your racing sports car in the big city. Follow the rules and be safe.

Driving sports cars is easy with the Extreme Car Driving Simulator. Cars are damaged and destroyed with excellent physics in this game. Drive your sports car across the city and try not to crash. Follow the rules and don’t cause an accident.

Cars are destroyed and damaged in the game with excellent physics. You are in a racing sports car, driving through the streets of the big city, following the rules and trying not to get into accidents.

Damage and destruction in the game are of excellent quality, and the physics are superb

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